Sports Courts did a fantastic job on our hard ageing tennis court which before they came was absolutely covered in moss and weeds. It’s now in great shape and playing well
Mrs Russell, Thriplow, Cambridgeshire


Sports Courts UK Ltd specialise in the design, construction, refurbishment, on-going maintenance and cleaning of multi-use games areas (MUGAs).

A MUGA sports surface is a versatile solution when space is limited and the ability to play a number of different sports on a single surface is desired.

Like all sports courts, it is vital that a MUGA surface is kept clear from debris, and is regularly maintained in order to prolong the life and playing performance of the surface.

We’re proud to offer over 20 years of specialist experience of constructing and maintaining sports courts; and have held SAPCA certified membership since 2005. If you are considering installing a MUGA for the first time, require help with on-going maintenance and cleaning or are in need of fencing or lighting for an existing MUGA court, we can help. We assess and manage all projects on an individual basis – just complete our contact form or call us on 01727 730 707 to discuss your specific needs.

The Sports Courts UK customer experience
Our first point of contact with customers always begins with a free site survey. This provides us with the chance to undertake a detailed assessment of your space, and you with the opportunity to draw upon our extensive knowledge. We pride ourselves in offering a personalised experience, from start to finish. Using only the finest approved products and equipment, all our projects are delivered to an exceptional standard and high-quality finish.

MUGA installation – Site Survey

If you’re considering installing a MUGA, the first step is to book one of our free site surveys.
During the site survey, we will:

  • Consider the site positioning – does the site allow the sports court to be positioned for optimum playing experience i.e. north/south orientation to avoid the sun being in players’ eyes?
  • Review ground levels and contours – how much excavation will be required?
  • Appraise the surrounding features – do trees, shrubs, or landscaping features need to be removed or considered?
  • Understand planning issues – are there any construction restrictions from listed/conservation property regulations, or historical features and fencing height limitations?
  • Judge weight limits and overhead cables – what considerations should be made for ease of access?

Following the completion of a site survey, we will provide a comprehensive, competitive quote – with peace of mind for you that a full assessment of the site has been undertaken during the face-to-face visit. There will of course be further opportunities to ask any other questions you may have after receiving the quote.

Ready to book your personalised site survey?

MUGA cleaning

Keep your MUGA in top condition with our dedicated cleaning service

Regular cleaning of your MUGA court is crucial if you want to prolong the life of the surface and ensure it remains safe and playable. We recommend that professional cleaning takes place every 12 to 18 months, in order to maintain the very best playing surface.

MUGAs located close to trees or shaded by buildings are susceptible to higher levels of damp and moss. However, regular cleaning and maintenance can easily manage these issues.

What does the cleaning process involve?
The complete cleaning treatment process includes:

  • Removal of all loose particles from the surface.
  • High-pressure washing using 3000psi whirlaway rotary surface cleaner machines to thoroughly deep clean the area. This process removes excess dirt, moss and stones, and helps improve the drainage, safety and slip resistance of the surface.
  • Spray application of moss treatment. 

How long does cleaning take and how soon will the court ready be ready for use again?
Cleaning a MUGA typically takes between 1 and 2 days per court, depending on the amount of moss and dirt that has accumulated on the surface. Once cleaning is complete, the surface will be ready to use again in 12 hours.

Do you offer maintenance contracts for MUGA courts?
Yes we do! We recommend that the best way to minimise playing disruption and prolong the life of your MUGA is by undertaking regular maintenance. We offer specialised MUGA maintenance contracts to ensure courts are regularly checked and cleaned. Please contact us for more information.

MUGA Painting

Our team of experts has the knowledge and skills to colour your MUGA to your specification, including line-markings and other individual requirements too. We always use the highest quality products, which include non-slip, low glare paint.

There are also binding options that can be applied before painting the surface. These help to prolong the surface life, strengthen and extend the life of your MUGA, whilst not affecting the porosity.

MUGA resurfacing

We can refresh your MUGA surface if it has become tired and worn

If your MUGA has deteriorated through over-use or lack of maintenance, our Macseal resurfacing process can offer a good solution to refresh the existing surface for future use.

How we resurface MUGAs
Before choosing the best solution for resurfacing your court, we always conduct an onsite survey. In some cases, our binding process can be more effective than a full resurfacing solution; and our team will advise you of the best approach for your court during the survey.

An open texture tarmacadam is used when we resurface courts –a free-draining, safe and hardwearing product that protects the surface for future years.

After the resurfacing process is complete, the court needs to be left for a period of 2-3 weeks, before painting with two coats of your chosen texture acrylic paint.

MUGA construction

A complete and bespoke design and building service for MUGA courts

We design and construct all types of MUGAs (Multi-Use Games Areas) on private properties and public-owned sites. MUGAs are increasing in popularity across the country thanks to their versatility in providing a court suitable for playing a variety of sports. Our bespoke design and building service begins with an on-site analysis. Conducted by our specialists, our site visit enables us to fully assess your requirements and space available; before recommending and delivering the best solution for you.

The on-site survey helps us establish a range of important and influential factors such as site access, positioning of the court for optimum playing conditions, ground levels, surrounding features that need to be considered, and whether there are any planning issues that may restrict requirements. After completing the site survey, we will provide a comprehensive, competitive quote.

We often use multi-use open macadam in the construction of MUGAs, but artificial grass or a twist carpet can also be used, depending on your preferences.

We pride ourselves in delivering projects to an exceptional standard; recommending the most appropriate solution for our customers and using only the best quality construction products and techniques.

MUGA fencing

We supply and install a number of fencing systems suitable for MUGA courts

If you are looking to replace an existing MUGA court fence, or add new fencing, our team of experts will be happy to offer advice and guidance.

Whilst individual requirements vary, the most suitable fencing for MUGAs is rigid weld mesh fencing. This fencing is unobtrusive, but strong and durable and is available in a high quality galvanised finish, or galvanised with a smooth coloured coating.



We receive a lot of questions from people considering installing a MUGA, or wondering how to clean, resurface or maintain an existing court – so here we answer the most common questions.

If you still have a question that hasn’t been answered, we would be glad to help! Just contact us.

Q: Is a MUGA the right solution for me?

A: If you’re looking for a versatile sports court that allows you to play a wide range of sports, a MUGA is the ideal choice. MUGAs are often used by schools or community based projects and allow for maximum participation.

Q: Can my MUGA be customised to meet specific requirements?

A: Yes. We treat all of our projects individually and can create courts based on your individual and specific requirements (and area restrictions).

Q: How often will my MUGA require maintenance?

A: We recommend that the surface is professionally cleaned every 12-18 months to ensure optimum playing conditions are maintained. We can offer specialised maintenance contracts to support you with this.

Q: How long will it take to complete the MUGA?

A: A single MUGA court can be built within a 2 week period. The finished court will be complete and ready for play 3-4 weeks after the initial build – as well as the colouring and lining of the surface..

If you have any further questions or require any more information please contact our team to discuss your specific requirements.

Sports Courts UK Ltd have been a certified member of the Sports and Play Construction Association (SAPCA) since 2005