Painting & Binding

We offer painting and binding services for a range of sports courts.

Our team have the expert knowledge and skills to colour your court, including line markings for a range of sports and individual requirements. We always use the highest quality products and our paint is non-slip and low glare. Our team take the greatest care to ensure the best finish for your court.

We also offer binding options which can be applied before painting the court and helps to prolong the surface life, strengthening and extending the life of your court whilst not affecting the porosity.


Court Colour Picker

Use our colour picker below to see what colours you might like to choose for your court. Will it be Green and Blue, like the US Open? Or an all green classic court? Have a play around, select the colour then click on the court to explore the options below.

Sports Courts UK Ltd have been a certified member of the Sports and Play Construction Association (SAPCA) since 2005