We have recently had our two tennis club courts resurfaced, remarked and colour painted after 30 years of use and we are absolutely thrilled with the result. Access for the work was fraught with difficulties but the way in which the contractors dealt with the problems was calm, measured and efficient and they did a magnificent job to a high standard. We look forward to Sports Courts installing flood lights to Duxford tennis club in the not too distant future.
Duxford Tennis club, Cambridgeshire.

Other Sports

We specialise in sports court construction and maintenance and have experience in designing and installing netball, basketball and five-a-side football surfaces as well as tennis courts and multi-use games areas.

For more info on tennis courts please see our tennis courts page and for multi-use games areas please visit our MUGA section.

Site Surveys

Things we look out for during the initial site survey include:

  • Site access, is the site accessible for our machinery and materials?
  • Positioning, does the site allow the tennis court to be positioned for optimum playing experience, i.e north/south orientation to avoid the sun being in players eyes?
  • Ground levels, and contours, how much excavation will be required?
  • Surrounding features, trees, shrubs, bushes etc need to be removed or considered.
  • Planning issues, are there any listed properties, historical features and fencing height restrictions?
  • Weight limits and overhead cables, considerations should be made for ease of access.

Following the completion of a site survey we will provide a comprehensive, competitive quote and will be happy to answer any questions that may arise.


Netball is becoming increasingly popular and Sports Courts UK Ltd offer netball court cleaning, painting and maintenance for your existing courts, or design and build for new netball courts.

It is important to ensure that netball courts are kept in optimum condition to make sure they are suitable and safe for use.

If you have an existing netball court that you would like us to come and survey or require a new netball court build, contact us today.


Outdoor basketball courts are often catered for within a multi-use games area, however if you have a specific requirement or are in need of cleaning or maintenance for an existing basketball court we can also provide these services.

Five-a-side Football

Our multi-use games areas also provide perfect playing conditions for an outdoor game of five-a-side football. The durable surface offers optimum performance for five-a-side but can also be used for other sports.
Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Sports Courts UK Ltd have been a certified member of the Sports and Play Construction Association (SAPCA) since 2005