We supply and install a number of fencing systems suitable for sports courts. If you require new fencing or have a need to replace existing fencing, we have the specialist experience and skills to help.

Chainlink Fencing

Chainlink has traditionally been the mainstay of fencing systems for tennis courts.

A wide variety of different types of establishments including sports facility centres, schools and parks use Chainlink fencing around their sports courts and as general boundary fencing.

Available in a range of heights, colours and gauges, Chainlink is ideal for areas where ball containment is a requirement.

Chainlink Court

Chainlink Court


Rigid weld mesh

Rigid weld mesh fencing is a particularly good solution for multi-use sports courts. These fences are visually unobtrusive, yet incredibly strong. Rigid weld mesh fencing systems can be supplied either in a high quality galvanised finish, or galvanised with a smooth coloured coating.

Rigid weld mesh court fencing

Rigid weld mesh court fencing

Sports rebound double wire rigid weld mesh system

Double wire rigid weld mesh is most suitable for multi-use games areas (MUGAs) as it is incredibly strong and durable. The lower section of the panel is made up of double wire rigid weld mesh and the upper section of rigid weld.

Sports rebound double wire rigid weld mesh system court fencing

Sports rebound double wire rigid weld mesh system court fencing

How to choose the best fencing system for your sports court?
Not sure which fencing system is right for you and your court? We will be happy to share our extensive experience of fencing sports courts with you, and guide you to the best system for your requirements.

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Case Study
Sports Courts were appointed by Limelight Sports Ltd and Nike to install new sports rebound fencing around the MUGA court at Tottenham Community Sports Centre.

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