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Sjoerd Vogt - Chairman at Faringdon Tennis Club

Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular maintenance of outdoor courts is vital in order to prolong the life of the surface and to maintain optimum playing conditions. It is recommended that you have your tennis court or sports surface professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months.

If trees or buildings surround your court you may experience a higher level of moss in the shadier areas of your court. This can easily be eliminated by regular maintenance including regular cleaning along with moss and weed treatment.

Cleaning a sports surface can take between 1-2 days per court depending on how much moss and dirt has accumulated. After a cleaning process has been completed the court will be ready for use just 12 hours later. This minimal disruption will prolong the life and optimise the performance of your surface.

For courts that are more weathered and have started to fret, our binding process could be all you need to give your court a new lease of life.

Binding is a long lasting process that could prolong the life of your court without the need to resurface. Our unique binder process involves applying a binder followed by two coats of approved acrylic paint.

The porosity of the surface after our treatment is substantially improved and with minimal disruption the court can back in use within three to four days.

We offer cleaning and maintenance contracts. Please contact us for more information.


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